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Coming in Spring/Summer 2023

Ranger Europe

After 105 years in Laramie, Wyoming the Ranger has selected a location for our second bar in Praia Da Rocha, Portugal.  Like the Ranger, this bar has served its local customers for many years.  Visit this page for updates on our progress and we will be sure to post a Grand Opening date once we have that all figured out.

Progress Report

December, 2022 - Entered into agreement to purchase.

January, 2023 -agreement executed, deposit paid, attorney hired.

February, 2023 -

Location Information

Praia Da Rocha is one of the most well-known beaches in Portugal.  It is located on the Algarve coast in the town of Portimao.  Known for its exciting and bustling atmosphere, water activities, impressive golden limestone formations and good food, it has become a popular vacation destination for Europeans and Americans.  Just over 55,000 people live in the Portimao area and temperatures range from 48-81F throughout the year.

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