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Ranger Catering

Let us help you make your big event a success

If you are planning an event in Laramie for ten, one hundred or even one thousand people, and you want to serve alcohol, let the professional staff at the Ranger help make it great.

We are flexible and can work with an existing venue with facilities or bring our own portable bars.


Test area

•  Beer (bottle, can or draft)

•  Wine (bottle or by the glass)

•  Mixed Cocktails

•  Hard Seltzers

•  Champagne

•  Shots

•  Custom Drink Options

We have pre-selected recommendations to help guide you or you can completely customize the entire drink menu.


The City of Laramie does require an alcohol permit for events.  We will work with the venue and handle all of details.

Event set-up fee is $100.00 and includes the City Permit Fee and application process.

Drink prices vary depending on menu options selected.

Ranger Catering can run the event any way you want - open bar, cash bar or combination of the two.  We want to make it easy for you to actually enjoy your day.

If you have questions or are ready

to begin planning your event,

contact us today!

Ask for Jeff

(307) 742-2466 • Phone • Email

Ranger Catering

463 N 3rd St

Laramie, WY  82072

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